About Probad


Probad is the master of prefabricaded pods supplier, our vision is excellent cooperation, expertise and the best quality bathroom pods in the market.

Probad history

In January 2013 Bano group bought current factory that had produced prefabricated bathroom since 2004. Bano group owners spent nearly 100 million NOK to build a completely new quality level of machinery and production procedures. Through its investment, the factory was extended thru the currently size of 16,000 m². In addition, employees with the best expertise and experience in prefabricated bathroom was hired. We are proud to deliver the best quality bathrooms the market has to offer.

Bano group whom owns Probad is today the leader on complete bathroom concept for the health sector, with offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and partnership in Finland and Nederlands. With over 17 years experience in the industry and with national and international recognition, we dare to say: "We know bathrooms”


Probad factory is located along the E18, 10 minutes over the Swedish border, we have a central position in terms of shipments and factory visits. The factory is about 100km from Oslo and 430km from Stockholm.

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