Probad Process

The process

Focusing on quality, functionality and flexibility, it is of high significance that all phases throughout the process are structured in a manner making you perceive Probad as professional, solution oriented and proficient. Our workers work manually to obtain the quality and flexibility that you need.

Illustration with 4 people

1: Offer and contract

We believe that quality already starts when the offer has being made, and that quality should be the focus at all times. You will in this phase be introduced to a dedicated project manager who will follow you throughout the entire process.

We are trustworthy supplier, and will thereby strive to make offers based on the specifications set in the offering phase. No unexpected costs will appear, and after signing all currency and index regulations will accrue to us.

If we discover any inconveniences in making recommendable pods according to the architectural drawings, you will always be contacted before we propose an offer. Our project manager will be at your assistance if optional extras are of interest. We cooperate with a number of suppliers, and can offer a wide selection of tiles, fixtures, furnishings, and more.

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Illustration with people planning

2: Planning

A dedicated project manager will be at your assistance, and function as the head of communication between all parts involved in the project. We project and draw according to your architectural drawings. We will be helpful if we see any opportunities for cost-saving solutions, or solutions that you may not have thought of yet. We are certain that pods never should be a limited and can therefore offer multiple types of pods within the same project.

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Illustration with 3 people working

3: Production

Our pods are made of reinforced steel fibers concrete. Walls, roof and floor will be cast, and then left to dry for a minimum of three weeks before mounting. The cabins are both bolted and glued together. This ensures a solid construction with minimal risk of movement during transport and lifting.

Two layers of membrane are added in contrasting colors to ensure that all places are sufficiently covered. All joints and transitions will be reinforced with felt and cuffs. Membrane is layered onto the entire cabin, including outside wet zones. Hence the membrane is applied after the cabin has been mounted, we ensure that the sealing layer is free of joints and weaknesses.

All tiles are in high quality and are layered manually by our long experienced tilers. This allows us to offer a wide selection of colors and formats. The tiler works by a tile drawing approved by you, ensuring that grout and transitions appear as you wish.

When the tiles are finished the pods will be moved to the clean production hall. There our electricians, plumbers and assemblers will install all components agreed upon including. We strive after delivering the finest quality in the market, and therefore use moisture resistant materials in our standard inventory.

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Illustration with people cleaning and doing quality control

4: Cleaning and quality control

All pods are thoroughly cleaned before a quality check is held. Here we will go through the entire pod. Our aim for zero flaws and defects is closely pursued and all elements in the pod will be checked by at least three people. Assembler, quality manager and head of production will all control the pods before they are packed for sending.

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Illustration with Packing and shipping

5: Packing and shipping

The pods are packed in heated shrink plastic wrap. The wrapping protects the pod against harsh weather, as well as providing sufficient air circulation through the door and roof valve.

We deliver by the “just in time” principle. You provide us with a delivery plan that we will follow. We will contact you a week upon delivery, to declare whether delivery shall be carried out as planned. Beneficial localization of our factory along the E18, about an hour outside of Oslo, makes us very flexible regarding delivery.

If you wish we could be present as the first delivery takes place, answering possible questions and giving our advice and tips.

As the building is finalized, in decent time before the customers take over, all cabins will be inspected. As earlier mentioned we aim for zero flaws and defects. If we do discover any faults at this time, we will take care of the inconvenience in decent time before your handover, so that it will not affect you negatively.

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